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MG WebStudio is an Internet technologies and ERP/CRM consulting company. Our objective is to provide Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) a way to implement information technology in their companies, in a consistent, efficient and cost effective matter.

Most importantly, we also provide ways to measure these efforts and their return, in order to turn what is usually seen as an expense in a legitimate investment for your company.

We believe that synchronizing your global company strategies with the information technology acquisition is the only way to set and mantain long-term successful goals.

Our Team

MG WebStudio has a multidisciplinary, multitalented, multilanguage team, and many external associated companies and consultants, which allow us to undertake mostly any kind of information technology project for a small to medium business.

Diego Duque: With an experience of over 15 years in communications networks and internet technologies, Mr. Duque has led IT projects for many companies in Latin America and the US. Mr. Duque also has extensive experience in software design and management, programming, databases and training, which gives him an exceptional overview of every facet of an IT project.

Paula Rojas: Ms. Rojas is the Chief Project Manager for ePyme. This position is backed by her extensive experience in project management and development with Colciencias (Colombia's Government Agency for Scientific Research). She has also been involved in many software development projects including e-commerce sites and customized business applications.

Alex Fernandez: Mr. Fernandez is the Technology Director for ePyme. He is specialized in providing infraestructure support for our projects, from evaluation and selection of the hardware and software platforms to the installation, implementation and fine tuning of these solutions. With an experience of 10 years in the field, and a strong commitment to success, Mr. Fernandez is a key element in our organization.

Sandra Cristancho: As the Lead Graphic Designer, Sandra basically is responsible to make our developments look good. Form and function is her goal, coming from the realization that a good, easy and reachable interface is crucial for an efficient interaction between the users and the information systems in place.

Julian Bohorquez: Julian is our Webdesigner/Animator. A really talented person, Julian has the rare ability of translating ideas and concepts into strong graphic messages, communicating in the most possibly effective manner these ideas. Julian is also proficient in almost every graphic design tool available, giving him the power to communicate ideas through many different media.